When you have a large bathroom you have the luxury of a great deal of choice when it comes to bathroom furniture and design. Larger bathrooms are ideally suited to both a bath and a freestanding shower unit, so you have the convenience of a shower along with the luxury of a nice bath tub. Shower cabins for a large bathroom come in many varieties. Take a look at some of the following options for your large bathroom redesign.

  1. Cabin with Pivot Shower Door

The pivot shower door opens outwards, so it is a good option for a larger bathroom when you have plenty of space for the door to swing into the room. This type of door is ideal when you want a roomy shower for a comfortable bathing experience, and it is very easy to get in and out of this type of shower. Pivot shower doors are available in all different kinds of finishes to suit modern and old-fashioned bathroom styles. It is a simple style, and looks great in any kind of bathroom whether large or small.

  1. Shower Cabin with Sliding Door

A sliding door to the Shower Cubicle can work very well in a large bathroom. The sliding door at the front of the shower has a sleek and modern finish and the whole cabin looks elegant and sophisticated. You have plenty of room to get into the shower, and this style also works well in smaller bathrooms since you do not have to worry about the door swinging out.

  1. Bi-Fold Shower Enclosure

A bi-fold shower door is normally considered for small bathrooms as the doors concertina inwards to maximise space. But you can get bi-fold showers for larger rooms that make use of a larger cubicle with the same folding door mechanism.

  1. Quadrant Shower

If you have a corner in the bathroom that is just crying out for an elegant shower unit then a quadrant shower is the one for you. The quadrant shower fits into the corner and curves around, giving an elegant finish. You can get a P-shaped quadrant shower which offers more space as well as a more eye-catching look, or a D-shaped shower that will fit alongside a wall rather than in a corner, which is ideal for a large bathroom. Lots of these quadrant showers come in exceptional finishes to really highlight a stunning bathroom.