If you have a plumbing emergency, the last thing you want to do is try to tackle the issue yourself. Make it easier on yourself by asking for professional assistance. If you try to handle the problem on your own, you may make matters worse.

Make Tracks and Call Out a Plumber Immediately

Even if you take great care of your home, emergencies happen from time to time. You may even be an experienced do-it-yourselfer. However, that does not mean you have the experience, equipment, or tools required to handle a plumbing dilemma. The quicker you call a professional, the quicker you can return to your daily life.

Emergency Clogs

One of the frequent problems that emergency plumbers handle has to do with clogged pipes. If your pipes become obstructed, they cannot circulate water from your taps and down the drains or pipes of sinks or toilets. Some of the more common clogs involve oil, hair, mineral buildups, and heavy paper. Whilst you may be able to employ a snake or plunger to take care of a blockage, you still need to call a plumber in case the obstruction is further down in the pipes.

Do You Have Leaks?

You may think that a small leak from your tap is inconsequential. However, you are wrong if you believe this to be the case. Even a minor leak can lead to the waste of a large amount of water each day – the type of waste that will cause the price of your water bill to rise unexplainably. So, you really need to call out 24 hour emergency plumbers in Chelmsford if you are experiencing any type of water leak.

Sewage Backups

One emergency that has to be taken care of without delay is a sewage backup. Whilst an overflowing toilet is never a good thing, this type of annoyance can easily turn into an emergency when sewage is involved. Any backup of this type of gunk can expose a family to dangerous bacteria – hazardous germs that can lead to serious health issues. So, you cannot waste any time in contacting a plumber when you experience this type of problem.

Is Your Water Heater in Good Shape?

Normally, most plumbing issues take the form of leaks, drain cleaning problems, or water heater issues. Water heaters often present problems as they are sensitive in nature. That is why it is important to have your water heater regularly inspected. If these devices are not regularly checked, you may end up with a major repair bill on your hands.

Old water heaters especially tend to stall, leak, or malfunction. If a water heater malfunctions, you may experience cold showers, particularly when it is cold outside. Both gas and electric models can become quite dangerous and ineffective if they are not routinely checked. Water heaters of this type have been known to short out electrical systems or even shock people when they are overlooked.

Regardless of your particular emergency, make sure you have the number of a plumber who can handle a variety of plumbing problems. A 24-hour plumbing contractor can keep you on top of your plumbing system operationally and financially.