As homeowners in Australia, we have many options available to us when it comes to covering our floors. However, we need to choose not only what looks good, but also what’s best for our family’s health, what is easier to maintain and what is going to last us in the years ahead. It is truly a difficult decision that we have and it is one that is not to be taken lightly. The covering chosen is generally carpet, but this type of floor covering is a nightmare for mums and dads with kids that have allergies. Kids also need flooring that they can spill things on and it is easily wiped up. We also need a flooring that doesn’t get too cold in Winter and almost stops our hearts when we stand on it on a cold morning.

The sensible choice is wood and more and more families are choosing wooden floors in Perth. There are many benefits to installing wooden floors in your home and we will look at just some of them here.

  1. It Looks Great – There is no doubt that wooden floors look amazing in any home. It is natures natural floor covering and it provides elegance and warmth to any area. It also gives the appearance of a larger space and makes your home look more inviting, when you invite guests around for some dinner and drinks.
  2. It Blends – Wooden floors just about go with almost anything. If your tastes change over the years and you want to redecorate, the wooden floors never look out of place with whatever you choose. It is a neutral floor covering and when choosing to put it down on your floor, you have many different colours and designs to choose from. Styles may change over the years, but your wooden floor will always remain beautiful.
  3. Low Maintenance – Wooden floors are really easy to keep clean and this is important in today’s busy world where there is less time for cleaning. We need something that can be brushed, mopped or vacuumed and wood fits all of those. If you or your kids spill something on it, it is easily cleaned up. Liquids don’t stain like they do with carpets, and allergens don’t get a chance to stay on your wooden floors either.
  4. Strong And Long Lasting – When you install a wooden floor, it is there for the long haul. It will last many years by itself and an occasional brush or mop of the floor will get it shining again. For major scuffs and scratches from moving furniture or dropping metal items onto it, it can be polished out and returned to its former glory.
  5. Better Acoustics – If you are a movie buff or you love listening to your tunes, then a wooden floor helps to improve the sound in any home. The wooden floor reduces any hollow sounds and vibrations and there is a reason why bars, discos and concert halls install wooden floors.

Choosing to install a wooden floor in your home is a great choice and it goes a long way to increasing the value of your home. Look into wooden flooring today. You won’t be disappointed.