The expenses of hiring a professional commercial plumber versus a handyman to do maintenance and repairs on your plumbing system are two factors to consider when planning your project. Hiring a commercial plumber might be a wise investment compared to a handyman for several reasons. Consider these benefits of hiring a commercial plumber.


A plumber without a license or who leaves you with unanticipated repair needs is a real possibility when you hire a handyman. Instead of taking that chance, you should choose a business plumber that can provide more consistent results and a far higher grade of craftsmanship.

Valid Permits

Hiring a business plumber can guarantee that the service you hire is legitimate. Because we use a handyman without the required certifications, you may be held responsible for any accidents on the premises or with the plumbing. You may rest assured that the work performed by a commercial plumbing company with the appropriate licensing will not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance or the manufacturer’s warranty.

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Commercial plumbing companies are a good option to explore if you need a precise estimate for your plumbing job. A professional plumber can give you an exact estimate of the entire cost of your plumbing project, including the price of the materials, the price of labor, and any additional fees that may arise. If you hire a handyman plumber, they may give you a ballpark estimate and then add on extra fees.

No safety hazards

Hiring a commercial plumber guarantees that all plumbing and fixtures will be up to code, which is necessary for opening a business or obtaining any necessary licenses for a construction project. Your homeowner’s insurance and any manufacturer’s warranties on plumbing fixtures, fittings, and other components could be in danger if you don’t get these permits and have professional plumbers work to code.

Complete on Schedule

Even if you hire a handyman, there is no guarantee that the project will be completed on schedule. Just ask if you need an estimate of how long a commercial plumbing job will take. In terms of business and real estate planning, this can be helpful. Any repairs on your plumbing system may require shutting off your water supply while it is being repaired, which can be an inconvenience. Working with a professional plumber might help streamline your preparation.

Use Finest Materials

Plumbers working in commercial settings will have access to top-tier plumbing equipment and will only install high-quality fixtures and fittings. It’s possible that hiring a handyman will only provide you with the greatest results, as they may try to save money by skipping steps or by utilizing defective materials.

Guaranteed Results for Your Labor Efforts

A plumber working for a commercial enterprise can provide you with a guarantee for their services. With a warranty in place, you can rest assured that you won’t have to pay to get it fixed if anything goes wrong with the plumbing after the plumber leaves. This is important because you may be responsible for additional repair expenses if an incompetent handyman causes damage to your house due to a plumbing mistake. Try commercial plumbers in Tampa FL to get the best experience.