The best way to enhance the looks of your home and increase its value is by converting your loft. This type of home improvement makes it possible for you to save on the costs of an extension. Plus, a loft conversion optimises your space.

A Flexible Way to Use Space

When making a decision for loft conversions in PO3, homeowners think about their current and future living needs. For example, you may want to convert your loft into a home office now and use it for an extra bedroom for a family member in the future. Therefore, this type of upgrade offers a good deal of flexibility, as it can be adapted to your specific tastes and requirements.

Types of Loft Conversions

You can choose from various conversions, depending on the style of roof and the architectural design of your house. The conversions include the following:

  • A velux conversion does not entail changing a home’s design. Therefore, this type of conversion is suited for higher roofs where there is not a problem with height.
  • A dormer conversion reshapes the roof to add inside height and space.
  • Hip to gable conversions extend the hip of the current roof into the gable end.
  • A mansard conversion displays windows that look like small dormers, thereby making this upgrade both aesthetic and practical.

Conversions take about 10 weeks, depending on the extent of the project. In the UK, a loft must be at least 2.4 metres at the highest point, which represents the roof’s apex.