While most first-year students opt to stay on campus, some prefer to find their own private dwellings just outside the university. If you are looking for student accommodation and you’d rather avoid going straight into the college halls, here are some tips to help you find what you are looking for.

Student Friendly Rental Agency

If you are looking for student accommodation in Sheffield, you’ll find that some of the local rental agencies specialise in student lodgings. They can easily find you a wide range of rental properties to suit your specific needs. They have all kinds of properties on offer from 6-bedroom houses to 1-bedroom flats. Before you deal with a local agent, remember to ask a number of questions to ensure they are a reputable business.

  • Can you sign a contract before you put down a deposit?
  • Do they charge an administration fee?
  • Do they charge an agent’s fee or are they owners?
  • How good is the internet connection?
  • Do they offer an all-inclusive billing service?

Start Early

When looking for student accommodation, it is important to start your search early. Give yourself at least 2 months to ensure you get a suitable property.


It is always important to set out your budget before you start looking for accommodation. If you are looking with a group of friends, keeps everyone’s budget in mind when choosing a place to stay. If your house mates struggle to pay rent, you could be legally asked to cover the cost.