Damaged rain gutters can wreak havoc to your home if not taken care of. Due to severe winters and hot summers, expansions in gutters may cause damage. My Home Solutions offers various Guilford roof repair and replacement solutions for your home. During autumn, clogged gutters are often a problem due to trees shedding leaves. It is vital, therefore, as a homeowner, to periodically check the condition of the roof and gutters.

Below are some of the effects damaged gutters can have on your home.

Water damage to your roof.

If the gutters are damaged, water damage to your roof is likely to occur. This is due to water that spills over, due to the clogging of the gutters. In the case that gutters do not route water properly, consistent flow of water in a particular area causes damage to the shingles and the roof structure.

Interior home damage.

Leaks due to damage on the roof may cause massive interior damage to your home. This is often caused by ignoring leaks over time that eventually build up and increase the damage to affected areas. My Home Solutions Guilford roofing experts can evaluate the condition of your roof and offer various roofing solutions.

Perimeter damage.

Damaged gutters or downspouts can cause damage to pavement, stonework, gardens and lawns, and surrounding structures. Water can also leak into basements and other areas around your home causing further damage.

Structural damage to your home.

Erosion around the home can cause damage if neglected over time. It is important to address these issues immediately to avoid major damage to the structure if your home.

Potential health risks to your family.

When water accumulates over time, it leads to the accumulation of mold. Long-term inhalation of mold spores can be a health hazard to your family. To avoid this potentially hazardous scenario you should always get any water damage checked and fixed as soon as possible.

My Home Solutions Guilford roofers offer expert solutions, qualified labor and professional customer service for all your gutter replacement and roofing service needs.