When you’re ready to redecorate your home, you need to consider what type of window treatments to install. There are several options from which to choose but some treatments are not meant for use in every room. Here are three tips for choosing the right window blinds for your house.

Style or Substance

When choosing blinds for your bedroom, decide if you want to emphasise style or if practically should win over. If you sleep during the day, then you may want to choose blinds which block light from entering the room so you won’t be disturbed by the sun. However, if style is more important, consider cloth Roman shades or vertical blinds for decorating a room.

Consider Room Usage

Some blinds will not be suited for use in a room that is humid or installation over sinks. While metal or PVC blinds will work well in the bathroom or the kitchen, fabric blinds will not fare so well. The fabric or wood on Roman shades can become stained due to grease and food splatter or water spots. They will not do well in bathrooms, either, since they are more humid than other rooms in your home.

Consider Windows to Cover

When you have oddly-sized windows, you will need to order coverings from a business that specialises in bespoke blinds, awnings, and canopies in Lancashire. Ready-to-install blinds come in pre-set sizes so they won’t usually fit large or extra-small windows. Ordering blinds also allows you to select the colours that best complement your décor instead of choosing neutral colours which merely fit into your home’s aesthetic.

Window blinds can also help reduce energy costs by helping your home be more energy efficient. When you are considering new window treatments, use these tips to help select the right window blinds.