When the temperature outside starts to rise, the temperature in your house tends to follow suit. There are many different ways heat gets into your home, some of them are preventable while some are not. For example, if you have a drafty house, reducing such drafts will prevent heat from getting into your house. However, there’s nothing you can do to prevent your walls from heating up throughout the course of a hot day. Insulation will reduce the amount of heat transfer, but it cannot completely eliminate it. There are some techniques you can use to keep your house cool without incurring large electricity fees.

Curtains or Blinds

One of the most important things you can do is close your curtains or blinds when they are subject to direct sunlight. Your windows are one of the most common culprits for heat transfer. Windows allow a lot of heat to pass through simply because glass is not a very good insulator. The outside glass heats up and very quickly transfers that heat inside. However, they also allow heat through by allowing light through. Light warms up the inside of your house rather quickly. Closing your blinds or curtains can reduce the amount of sunlight getting in and keep your air conditioning costs lower.

Air conditioning in West Sussex does not have to be very expensive. You simply need to make sure you are reducing heat transfer as much as possible.


Insulating your house can be expensive if you have not already had it done. If your house is not insulated, you should take some steps to do so. It can be difficult to insulate walls that are not currently insulated, so you might choose to skip such a project. However, you can install insulation in your attic fairly easily. You should also make sure that you are thinking of other kinds of insulation. Rugs and carpets insulate your floors. Furniture itself can also be a form of insulation.

Your furniture absorbs heat throughout the day. Different kinds of furniture can insulate better than others.

The Air Conditioner

Finally, reducing costs depends on the air conditioner itself. Older models of air conditioners are not as mechanically efficient as some newer ones. You need to work with talented air conditioning specialists to find the best possible air conditioner for your needs. There are central air conditioner units that will provide you with cool air to your entire house. Alternately, you can choose individual units that will allow you to set precise temperatures in each room.

If you are only one person who spends most of your time in one room, you might not need a central unit cooling down your entire house. If you’re not going to be in those rooms, they might not need to be cooled.

A central unit is great if you are trying to keep your entire house at a comfortable temperature. They can reduce your energy costs in certain situations since there will be no rooms that are significantly hotter and increasing the temperature.