If you look at the asbestos that was used in construction, it is woody. However, its appearance is deceiving as this material, or its fibres, are deadly.

Types of Asbestos Removal

Asbestos removal can take the form of one of four kinds.

  • The first type of removal entails disposal of insulation and asbestos by the use of trowel or spray.
  • The second type of abatement is not used for thermal system insulation, but for the removal of roof tiles, wallboards, floor tiles, or mastics.
  • The third type of asbestos removal is typically associated with the repair and maintenance of insulation that contains asbestos.
  • For the fourth removal process, an asbestos removal company in Tonbridge repairs and maintains the asbestos materials without disturbing them. This removal process also includes cleaning the residue and debris.

The Advantages Associated with Removing Asbestos

The advantages of getting rid of this outdated construction material—used in both residential and commercial buildings—is three-fold. Removal prevents the harm that is associated with exposure. Therefore, when asbestos is removed, it assists in the following:

  • The prevention of lung cancer
  • Safe disposal of the product
  • Added safety for the occupants of a building

It is essential that asbestos is removed by a professional company to prevent any severe problems to health. When asbestos is disposed of safely, it prevents environmental hazards. Asbestos abatement is regularly carried out for the removal of tiles and pipe insulation in the UK. Surveys are also conducted to review the extent of a problem.