Plumbing can be the last thing you are thinking about but it is a very important part of any household and business. Many people that didn’t come across any issue usually think they can manage it themselves and they end up making a bigger mess. Knowing professionals and getting to know the craft is very important especially if you are a homeowner.

When you know the person that does the job, there is a bigger chance they will invest more effort into getting it done. Someone you know can also refer a friend that they trust. You can learn most of the work a residential plumber does but figuring out the problem is crucial. A good thing is that you have the internet to learn from plumbing maintenance pros and prevent any damages.

Commercial Plumbers

Unlike residential, the commercial worker has much more training under their sleeve and is gaining experience in larger projects and systems as you see done on schools, hospitals or shopping centers. They are working with large industrial equipment and they are accountable for maintaining, repairing and installing pipes in these buildings. These projects are done by larger companies and agencies that will pay for their training.

Residential jobs are usually only up to two floors but in a commercial building, it is much more difficult when it comes to higher floors. There are more toilets and sinks where you need to use larger pumps to get the water to them. It will make the job much more time consuming and harder than just unclogging your sink. There are also many more problems that can occur and are more difficult to solve.

They will work on bigger water systems and extensive waste removal which involves laying pipelines to the local sewage and main water system. In order to make sure that everything works well, you will need to hire a contractor that will maintain the system. A small failure can cause a lot of damage which increases the importance of this type of work.

Residential Plumbers

They are professionals that you think of when you have a small issue with your sinks, faucets, toilets and similar appliances. Most of their training is gained through experience in residential jobs like new homes and construction. It’s a common thing that they lack training for some commercial projects but it doesn’t make them less competent to common household issues. Find more information here:

The projects that both types are doing are very similar just one requires a bit more knowledge considering the size of the project. They are necessary when you want to make sure toilets and water works well in your home. They can install plumbing mechanisms and troubleshoot them to keep everything running smoothly. You should call them once a year so they can check all systems because some things you won’t notice. Regular maintenance can help you avoid any inconvenience.

Troubleshooting Problems

You can’t be a professional without qualifications but you can do betterthan some of them can if you invest a bit of time and effort. You are doing half the task when you know how to troubleshoot the problem. The first thing you can do is listen for dripping sounds which is probably the main thing people notice before making the call. Dripping doesn’t waste too much water as some people think but it can be annoying or start increasing the amount over time.

The next step would be to check for any leakage along with the baseboard of walls where the fixtures are. There are many things that can happen to pipes like corroding, cracking, freezing and developing loose fittings. Mold or mildew can also form or you can notice that the problem is on the wall because a water spot will form. This all means you have or will have a leakage. Moistures can be caused when the interior is much cooler or hotter than the pipes which make them sweat. Read more on this website.

One important thing is to have the right tools when you notice an issue under vanities and sinks. If you are not sure, you can touch the pipes to check if they are wet or use a flashlight. Some of them will make different noises when they aren’t working well. For example, the toilet tank will drain slowly which makes a different noise. You can either check the water supply or the mechanism inside.

Some of the issues can’t be fixed that easily and you will need special equipment when the main pipes are clogged. You can always try to pour very hot water which works depending on the material that is stuck and if that doesn’t work, there are some supplies you can buy to unclog it. The biggest problem would be if the pipes are cracked and you would need to replace them. It is recommended that you leave that to the professionals especially if it’s in the walls because you can hit another pipe that you can’t see.

Fixing Leaks

Leakage is probably the most common thing you will come across and in most cases you can get rid of it yourself. The main thing you should do is to turn off the water supply to your home or the place where you are going to replace the pipe. Each part of the home where you use water should have a main valve that you can turn off. If you don’t do this step and remove any pipe or faucet, you can expect a flood.

The two ways you can fix a broken pipe is to use epoxy putty which is mostly used on plastic or clamp it if they are made out of any metal. Clamping is a bit more difficult and you will need to visit a store to get necessary items like the gasket and bolts. If the leakage is coming from the faucet, the probable cause is a round rubber which is letting water come through. In this case, you would want to buy a new one to replace it or get a new faucet.