There are many reasons you should cut back on your water usage, such as expensive water bills for starters. This, in itself, has led consumers to seek out ways to use less water and in drought-prone areas, local governments have requested that people try to cut back on water usage, especially during the summer months.

Ecological Awareness

There are also those people who are aware of Mother Earth and just want to help out and use less water to be more ecologically and Earth friendly. There are a number of easy ways in which the good British people can help reduce the amount of water they use, so let’s take a look at some.

Let’s begin where there’s the most water usage:

The Bathroom

  • Changing to a modern low flow toilet or even placing a brick or two into your toilet to lower the amount of water in the toilet tank is a great start.
  • Installing a low flow shower head, or simply turning it off while you soap up or shampoo your hair are simple but effective ways, as are turning off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • These kind of measures to use less water are fairly simple, and will not impact your lifestyle in a big way.
  • If there appears to be any kind of money wasting leaks, simply get in touch with an emergency plumbing company and get it sorted professionally.

The Kitchen

  • If you have a double sink, try using less water by filling one side of the sink for washing dishes and the other side for rinsing.
  • After it’s done, recycle the rinse water to the household or garden plants.
  • Use a biodegradable washing up liquid to make sure that the rinse water will not harm any plants.
  • If using a dishwasher, try to employ it when it is full, and use an energy efficient cycle.

Washing Machine

  • Only use it for a full wash, and consider purchasing a high efficiency model after your current machine wears out.
  • Make sure to use a specialised detergent in a modern washing machine to reduce suds, as many machines will automatically rinse again if they detect a large amount of suds.

The Great Outdoors

  • Try watering the garden in the early morning of the day to reduce evaporation.
  • Refrain from washing your driveway to clean it, simply use a good broom instead.
  • Wash your car only when it is really needed.


  • Finally, double check for leaks. Leaks actually account for a large portion of water waste. Ensure that all taps and valves are properly sealed, and check pipes regularly for breakage. If you detect a leak, get it repaired as soon as possible, so that it does not waste any more water.

OK, there’s a few ideas on how you can help out and be Earth friendly, and don’t forget to pass on the information to your family and friends! That way we make this planet a better place to live on!