While we would all like to call in a landscaping team and have the garden transformed whatever it costs, this is not usually the case. In the days of rising prices and heavy taxation, one must save money when possible, and this guide is aimed at making the most out of your proposed budget. Like anything else, the best place to start is to look at what you already have, in terms of garden resources, at least, then you need to think about what it is that you would like your garden area to become.

Sourcing the Right Contractor

Like in any other industry, there are good and not so good companies, and as they all seem to offer the same services, it can be a challenge to finally come to a decision on which landscape company to choose. If a homeowner was interested in local landscapers in Clacton-on-Sea, for example, there is one company that prides itself on working to the client’s budget, and this is the type of company to deal with. Once the contractor knows you have a limited budget, they can help by offering used pavers and plants and shrubs they have lying around, and every little saving helps.

Can Do Attitude

Unfortunately, some companies are profit focused and once a price is agreed, they will seek to complete the project as economically as possible. On the other hand, a local company that is respected in the community would see it as their responsibility to carry out the work in the best possible way, while remain true to the original quote. An established landscape contractor would have considerable resources, and with some clever juggling and a few compromises, they can likely come in at an acceptable price.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

The problem with aiming at a low budget is often the quality suffers, and with this in mind, you should emphasise that any cuts that affect the overall quality are not welcome. Stone is one area where the contractor can help, as he may have an extensive stock from old projects, and with a little careful searching, can likely save you a lot on the materials cost.

Show Garden

This is an ideal way to strike up a super deal with the local landscape gardener, and if you explain that in return for a low price, you will be happy to have your new garden used as a model for potential clients in the future. From the gardener’s perspective, this is a valuable asset, and anyone who wanted to see an example of their work, would be welcome to pop round and inspect the garden. The contractor can also take high resolution images, which can be used on the website and promotional literature, and if you are lucky enough to find such a partner, he would probably do the job for cost, which would save you an absolute fortune.

It is easy enough to call in the gardening experts for a full transformation, but the trick is to transform your existing garden at a reasonable cost, and if you can find the right contractor, the impossible can be done.