When you are choosing different kinds of glass for your home, you might need to choose a specific glass for your conservatory. There are several reasons your conservatory might need its own glass. For one, you might want to choose glass that is more resistant to damage than a typical kind of glass one would use. Conservatories face many different kinds of threats from storms and strong winds.

Storms and Strong Winds

Your conservatory glass needs to be able to withstand the high winds that accompany a storm, as well as the debris that flies through the wind.

  • In a storm, debris is actually more dangerous than the wind itself. The debris can break windows not rated for such weather.
  • High winds are most damaging to windows that are directly perpendicular to the wind. If designed properly, the conservatory glass can direct the wind over its surface instead of causing undue resistance.
  • A glazing company in Bristol can design windows for your conservatory.

Sun Exposure

You want your conservatory to be exposed to strong amounts of sunlight, especially if you are growing plants in there. However, you do not want this space to be overly warm inside.

  • Tinted glass can help reduce the temperature in your conservatory. Depending on the direction of your conservatory, you might ask about tinting some of the windows in direct sunlight.
  • Double-glazed windows also help reduce dramatic changes in temperature.
  • Double-glazed windows will also help you climate control your conservatory more efficiently, which will save you a lot of money.