Bathrooms tend to be the smallest chambers in most properties, and, let’s face it, they aren’t really the pinnacle of urbanity, grace, or panache.

So, why in the world are bathroom improvements all the rage in the UK? Why are they ranked ahead of new driveways, garage conversions, kitchen transformations, new boilers, triple-glazed window upgrades, and every other home repair alternative?

Illuminating the Benefits of Bathroom Overhauls

A whopping 39% of all home improvement applications in the United Kingdom encompass some type of lavatory project, no other renovation even comes close, so let’s dissect this trend from a cause and effect perspective:

  • For every pound that you allocate towards new tiles, fixtures, open shelving, shower screens, storage racks, architectural sinks, and other upgrades, you’ll score a yield of approximately 45-65p.
  • The per-project contractor levies associated with bathroom revamps are remarkably less expensive than other undertakings, most makeovers can be finalised in 24 hours and they often come in under budget.
  • Grade A toilets, shower heads, sink taps, and lighting features can abate water waste and kilowatt consumption by over 58%.

Even if you disregard the fundamental ROI stated in the first bullet point, an entirely new bathroom can reach its break-even point within just 24 months of utility and water savings.

Start Developing Your Ideas

If you coordinate a fitting with the best bathroom suppliers in Huddersfield, you can choose from a wide range of formations, including Compact, Ivo, Brisbane, and S600 styles, one of which is sure to agree with your artistic tastes.

So head over to their landing page or pop into the local warehouse to start combing through all of the plush yet price-conscious 21st-century lavatory designs.