In the UK and all over the world, we are constantly building up lots of unwanted items around our homes and businesses and for some reason or another, we are unable to part with them. Maybe they have an emotional attachment to us or we simply think that if we hold on to them, they might come back in fashion. Whatever your reasons, it is time for a clear out and you need someone to provide a service who will take all your unwanted crap away and dispose of it responsibly.

The answer is found in reliable skip hire in Rainham and there are a number of companies that can provide different kinds of skips for different projects. Let’s have a look at some of those.

  1. The mini skip remains the most popular skip that is hired all across the UK. It is a skip suitable for smaller waste like gardening refuge and it can be dropped anywhere that has a little space to spare.
  1. For larger jobs, there is the walk-in skip. This is a skip that you just walk the debris into that would be too hard to lift directly into the skip. It cuts down on injuries when loading.
  1. For building jobs where there is glass, old concrete and other sharp items, you can get a skip with a lockable lid. This keeps out kids, animals and scavengers.

Whatever your needs, your local skip supplier can supply the right bin for you. Give them a call today.