Large trees are great to have around, as they offer us essential shelter and shading, yet there does come a time when the tree is nearing the end of its life, and should you have a large beech or oak that looks dangerous, call out the emergency tree surgeon in Bournemouth.

  • Removal in Stages – A mature oak or elm could weigh up to 80 tonnes, and in a residential area, it is not possible to simply fell the tree. The tree surgeon would decide which branches to remove first, and the usual system is from top down, with each section lowered by a crane. The tree surgeon would have a team of helpers who would remove the brushwood as is arrives, while also keeping the area closed off.
  • Fully Insured – Despite taking the greatest of care, things can and do go wrong, a sudden gust of wind, or a slack rope could cause a section to fall the wrong way and possibly damage a nearby building. The tree surgeon would be insured to cover any eventuality, and with his wealth of practical experience, the tree would soon be safely removed.
  • Stump Removal– Fortunately, we now have stump grinders, powerful disc cutters that mulch up tree stumps of any size, and all that is left is a pile of sawdust.

If the tree surgeon thinks the tree can be saved, than he would suggest an alternative to removal, which is often for the best. Once a large tree reaches a certain age, it should be safely removed before any damage is caused.