At one time, people did not worry about their personal security at home or in the office. In fact, many people slept at night with their windows open. However, times have changed and security is needed in the form of intruder alarms, CCTV, access control systems, and automated locks. Fire alarms are also installed to ensure extra security.

Intruder Alarms

Many homeowners like to have intruder alarms secured to protect both their property and possessions. In general, it is best to choose a security company that is endorsed as an NSI NACOSS gold-approved installer. That way, the system you choose will operate to the highest standards.

In order to install an intruder alarm, the security company will make a full assessment of your property in order to identify and record the risks. In turn, sensors will be positioned at prime points and locations. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a broad range of control panels for your alarm. Wireless domestic alarms are available, as are commercial alarm systems.


In some cases, homeowners and businesses opt to use closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems to stay secure. This type of 24/7 protection comes equipped with a remote tracking centre to support home and business security needs. Users also have access to remote viewing by way of a PC. When this type of security feature is installed, the technician first completes an on-site survey. An issue of compliance is also granted to businesses for their alarm installation.

Controlled Access Systems

In addition, companies such as A1 Security Systems feature entry systems for a large range of applications. Secure access is provided through means such as a chip, card, pin code, or a fingerprint. Easy time recording is also used to monitor movements, and the system features easy check-in and check-out for entry and exiting.

An access system of this type is ideal for businesses, as the owner can authorise who comes and goes, whether they are employees, suppliers, or visitors. Access can also be overseen in various sections of the company’s facilities.

Automatic Security Gates

If you wish to install an automated gate, you can find one that will suit your business or domestic requirements. These electric systems meet compliance requirements and are designed to meet the highest standards. You can select from single or double-gated designs as well as from sliding, tracked, or hinged gates. These gates are also made to measure and are featured in just about any size.

Gates are designed with fob, code, or automatic operation. In addition, you can include a telephone system with your purchase. This type of gate is ideal to use in front of a business or residence, or to secure access to a residential community.

Along with your security needs against intrusion, you can also include fire protection hardware. This hardware includes your choice of fire detectors. Fire detection systems are installed to keep people protected from the threat of fire or smoke. If you add a fire alarm system to your business offices, you can use the services of the security company to make sure you are entirely compliant with routine servicing and testing.