A skip is the all-purpose receptacle for a wide range of rubbish you’re trying to get rid of. They’re most commonly used in renovations, remodelling, and construction projects. That means these projects produce large amounts of building waste. Many buildings, especially older buildings, are full of materials that should not be thrown into a skip. The materials used in the past were often held to much different standards concerning volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous liquids, and dangerous substances.

What Can’t Go In?

Typically, affordable skip hire services in Weymouth will give you a list of what can’t go into a skip.

  • Asbestos is contained in the walls and ceilings of some older buildings. You can’t throw that into most skips; also, be very careful if you suspect you have asbestos. Call a professional asbestos removal expert just to be sure.
  • You typically cannot dispose of paint in a skip either, but it’s not because paint is necessarily hazardous. Companies just don’t want their skips splattered with your old paint.
  • Fluorescent lighting tubes are filled with gas and very easily broken. It’s safer to dispose of them in other ways.
  • Gas bottles are usually banned as well. They don’t go into skips because they are recyclable and should be taken to the appropriate venues. Also, they are not always completely empty.

How Do You Know?

If you have any questions about what can and cannot go into a skip, search the FAQs page of the company you’re considering. Alternately, just call and ask them about different materials that might be involved in your project.