If your taps leak and you do not know how to fix them properly, you need to contact plumbing professionals. They can advise you on other leaks in your home when they make an inspection of the taps and plumbing.

Turning Off the Water Supply

Before working on a tap, a plumber turns off the water supply. This is a simpler process if the isolation valves are situated near the tap. The tap is switched on if the slot on the screw is parallel with the pipe. A quick turn of the screw with the slot lying across the pipe switches off the valve. The tap is then run to get rid of the water in the pipes.

Other Measures

After the above process, a plumber proceeds as follows:

  • To remove the tap head, the plumber accesses the handle screw. The screw is often concealed beneath a cap on the tap’s handle. When it is located, the screw is easily detached. In some instances, the cap on the tap is removed with a slot-head screwdriver. The cap may also be lifted off manually.
  • Plumbers in Eastbourne can determine if a tap uses ceramic discs or rubber washers with a turn of the tap’s handle. If the handle can rotate over a half turn, it normally takes a rubber washer.

When replacing a ceramic disc tap, the whole valve is replaced. On a rubber washer tap, only the washer needs to be replaced. O-rings that are worn are the usual cause for leaks in a kitchen tap. If a plumber fixes a washer and the tap is still leaky, he or she inspects the condition of the O-rings and seals.