Today, mosaic has fallen back into fashion but unlike a few decades ago now you have various installation and tile options. However, if you decide to tackle a mosaic tile project yourself there are a number of things you will want to consider. To start with you need the right tools so that the job is done properly. Also, you need a bit of creativity since mosaic is the process of creating art with small pieces of colored stone and glass. It can be used as spiritual, cultural and decorative art.

Below we look at how to start working with mosaic tiles.

Start with the right project

The very first step to almost any type of mosaic project is to choose the right type of project. You need to choose the right shape to which you can add mosaics. Most beginners are strongly advised to stick with items that have straight lines like picture frames, mirrors or square rooms. The reason being that curved items and spaces require more finesse when you’re trimming the glass pieces to ensure that they are just small enough to add around the edges.

Choose the right tools

When you are in the market for materials to start a mosaic project, it is important to keep the surface in mind, the overall size of the mosaic, the pattern’s shape and the colors which are a part of the design. You will also need a couple of tools to complete the project like tiles, nippers, grout, and adhesive. Also, it would be a good idea to buy a pair of safety goggles to protect your eyes from flying shards when cutting and breaking glass.


ones which are used for mosaic pieces can either be glass or ceramic and are often called tesserae. Also, if you are on a budget you may purchase tile remnants to use as part of your mosaic project, also old glasses, ceramic plates and mirrors can also be used. Consumers can also buy bags of various colored tile pieces.

Sealants and adhesives:

There are several factors which are used to determine exactly what type of adhesive consumers need to use like for instance, the surface which is being treated, the type of tiles which are being used and if the piece will be outdoors or indoors. If it is an outdoor project then make sure to invest in a sealant to protect your work from the elements.

Grout: Consumers are strongly advised to purchase group which looks perfect with all their tiles. Grout is mainly used to fill in the space between the tile pieces within the mosaic. These come in fine grain for more narrow spaces, and coarse grain for bigger spaces. Plus grout is easily available in a number of different colors which makes things a lot easier.

Laying out the design or the pattern

When you have just started working on a large project it is a good idea to start with laying out the design or the pattern. You may want to draw the pattern on the surface that you need to decorate like the floor or wall. This will help give you a perfect visual something which will aid in adding the tiles in the right order and of the right shape.

A marker can be used to draw or the pattern can be transferred from another surface. Some crafters use colored markers in order to shade the areas based on where the colors will need to be added. This eliminates the chance of any errors.

Using pre-cut mosaic tiles

Crafters should think about slicing their tiles regardless of if its china, glass or mirror before you put things together. Cutting all the pieces prior to starting the project is going to make things a lot easier since the crafters will not have to stop and cut more tiles when building the mosaic. Having a good knowledge of the pattern when breaking with a hammer or cutting with a nipper will allow for the crafters to set aside the pieces they want to use.

People who are new to this type of work should start by cutting pieces which will not be used just to get a hang of things. Nippers are especially useful for rounded edges.

The finishing counts

Once you have completed the mosaic and it has dried completely crafters need to add a few finishing touches which will enhance the piece. Pieces which are going to be kept outdoors need to be treated with sealant so that their beauty is protected from the elements. If mosaic tiles are used like the ones sold by Tile Market then finishing will not need to be used as these have been pretreated.