Decorating the house with a modern style does not mean replacing all the furniture you have for a recent collection. The modern style, i.e. what is used these days, is achieved easily by changing the color of the walls, adding some cushions color, placing some furniture you have in strategic places and, above all, maintaining order and cleaning the house.

In a large living room you can place a piano, a dining table or a pool table. You can also add a couple of plants if you get a good amount of sunlight. Usually, the couch is the focal point of the living room. Take it as a starting point to decorate this space.

It is assumed that the living room should be a welcoming environment in which to find peace and total stress release. Now it is impossible that you achieve this if your furniture does not have a good disposition. So put on your glasses, sit comfortable and learn all about how to furnish a living room.


When choosing the size of the rug, this aims to cover the entire area of the armchairs. It is important that you can see some ground, but not much. Small carpet in a small room makes this look even smaller, and a large living room is lost.


No chairs lean against the wall leaving a few centimetres between one and the other. This simple step will prevent staining your walls and make the room seem larger.


Lighting is one of the most important factors of any room. So, if you intend to make your living room is warm, you better not staying just with central ceiling light. Turn your room into a cozy place, placing lamps or portable stand; always opt for the light bulbs.


When it comes to curtains, you should walk through following rule of thumb: “the higher the better.” This is a simple measure to give it more breadth to the classroom and to ensure that the design of the curtains to shine in all its glory.


The coffee tables should be long. This will earn your living in aesthetics and functionality. Locate the table between 30 and 60 centimetres of the chairs; this is the ideal separation.

As you see, place the furniture in the living room is an art. But with a little patience and dedication we all can get good results. To implement these tips to furnish living rooms!