Carpets and rugs have been used for hundreds of years in order to decorate homes and to give them a unique appeal. Carpets were originally made thousands of years ago when man realised the importance of using wool as an insulation material to keep out the cold winds. The Persians are widely regarded as the pioneers of early carpets, having created gorgeous, hand-made carpets out of stylish wool. Even today, hand-made carpets and rugs from Persia retail for very expensive prices all around the globe. If you are interested in buying new carpets and rugs for your place, here are a few tips that will help you out.

The Size

First of all, you need to decide the size of the carpets or rugs that you want. If you want wall-hanging rugs for your place, you can visit a variety of local stores that sell carpets and rugs in Harrow. However, if you want carpets that are designed to fit the entire floor of a room, you will need to call a company for custom fittings at your place. Many people often prefer keeping carpets as centrepieces in the drawing room or the lounge to attract attention; make sure that the centrepiece is not too big as compared to the overall size of the room.

Handmade or Machine-Woven?

There are two options available to you when buying new carpets and rugs; either choose handmade carpets or opt for machine-woven carpets. The former is obviously the better option but is also considerably more expensive. Even though technology has improved significantly, machine-woven carpets are still unable to replicate the intricacy of the design that a handmade carpet offers. But, if you choose handmade carpets, you have to be prepared to pay a significantly extra amount for them.