Fencing a property to define its boundaries or to keep your pets contained doesn’t need to be done with metal or timber. Instead, fences or retaining walls can be constructed from living materials such as ivy, bamboo, or flowers. Here are three benefits of creating a living wall.

Urban Food Source

A living or green wall can be grown from vegetables or fruit as well as other types of plant life. This allows you to grow healthy, organic foods in your own yard instead of needing to go to the market to buy them. If you live in an urban setting, a living wall provides the opportunity to have a vertical garden that you can feed your family from and save money.

Provides Biodiversity

A green wall creates a home for beneficial insects, birds, and other small animals in your area. Some companies that specialise in fencing in Swadlincote can design green walls to attract certain birds or insects, such as hummingbirds or bees. This will not only provide a home and source of food for these tiny creatures but it will allow you to enjoy their presence as well.

Little Maintenance Required

Depending on what plants are used to grow a green wall, it may not need much care. Although you may need to water it when it’s dry and trim it at times, living walls are virtually maintenance-free. You don’t need to worry about staining or painting them as you do with timber fencing or corrosion issues as you do with some metal fencing.

There are many others reasons to choose a living wall for your property. Along with being beneficial to residential properties, they are also beneficial for commercial properties as well. If you’re interested in a living wall, consult with a fencing contractor that designs and builds them for homes or commercial properties.