Are you looking to add another room to your house? Do you want to make some structural changes to the property, but don’t really know where to begin? You can’t just hire a building company and ask them to change the structure of your house. The building commission and local council will probably put a hefty fine on your extension work, and may even ask you to demolish it. If you want to extend your house, some of the ways that you can do so are as follows:

  • Adding a separate room
  • Converting a loft
  • Adding a conservatory

In order to carry out house extensions, the first thing you have to do is to hire a local company that specialises in this particular field. There are a few companies which are renowned for the best house extensions in Exeter. Here’s a brief guide that will help you understand what’s needed to extend the property.

Building Permits

Before you can start work on your property, you will need to get a permit from your local building councils. Most building companies that take on extension work will secure the permit for you, but they will charge a separate fee for consultation and permits.

Building Work

The company will show you a 3D model of the extension and give you an idea about how it would look after the conversion is complete. If you want to make any changes to the new room, you can do it here to avoid problems later on during the building work.