There are many signs to look out for when assessing the condition of your trees, if your tree is decaying, it is important to remove it before it collapses and causes any damage. The easiest way to find a reputable professional in your area is to try a quick Google search, type in some key words such as “tree surgeon near me Guildford” and see what results come up. When choosing a professional tree surgeon, it is important to look for all of these qualities:

  • Reliability
  • Affordable rates
  • Highly experienced team
  • Physical location
  • Accountability

When dealing with a decaying tree in your garden, you’ll need a first-class team who can offer results and not excuses when something goes wrong. Keep a lookout for these common signs of decay and call a professional if you notice them.

Table of Contents

Decrease in Growth

If you notice a low of bare branches on your tree, it may be a sign your tree needs professional help. If it is supposed to be flourishing with green leaves but all you can see is bare branches, you may have a problem.


Although a slight lean is common, a tree shouldn’t be growing too much to one side for no apparent reason. If it looks like it is going to topple over, you should have it evaluated by a professional tree surgeon. In addition to the points mentioned above, you should also look out:

  • Deep cracks
  • Crossed branches
  • Damaged roots
  • Fungus growth