When a chilly winter front moves across the country, many towns and cities in the UK experience freezing cold temperatures along with ice and snow. The most exposed part of your home is your roof, it generally takes the full force of the weather because of its location. Many professionals like Nottingham roofers suggest removing snow and ice from your roof before you deal with other parts of your home. If you allow snow and ice to accumulate on your roof, you could experience all kinds of structural damage, such as:

  • Water leaks
  • Jammed doors
  • Sagging drain pipes
  • Drooping ceilings
  • Damaged interior walls

You should be aware of the signs something is wrong with your roof, if you don’t deal with the problem in a prompt manner, you could experience complete structural failure which would be a disaster, especially at that time of the year.

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Contact a Professional Roofer

Accessing your roof without specialised equipment is dangerous, you can increase that danger 10-fold when ice and snow are present. If you don’t have professional training, don’t risk getting out onto the roof to clear ice and snow. The most sensible thing to do is to get in touch with a local roofer and ask them to visit your premises.

After a heavy storm, a trained roofer will remove snow safely from your home without damaging your roof, any surrounding objects or themselves. If you’ve no experience removing snow or ice, you could easily damage your roof by accidentally removing shingles or breaking gutters.