If you’re experiencing cold draughts in the winter time, it could be that your window frames are to blame. Old, tired window frames from years gone by can warp and become damaged over time. In fact, some windows become so ill-fitting due to expansion, contraction, and warping that they need to be replaced completely.

Using New Materials to Enhance Your Home

uPVC has quickly gained recognition in the industry as one of the most popular of building materials for doors, window frames, and other home fittings. If your old window frames are warped with age, it’s likely that they are costing you money in terms of extra power for air conditioning and cooling. A good window frame should be a perfect fit and should look attractive.

The good news is that a trusted home renovations company in Cowdenbeath can provide double-glazed windows and uPVC doors and windows. uPVC provides the following benefits:

  • Durability: While wooden doors and windows are still considered classic and traditional by many people, the simple fact is that uPVC as a material is strong and durable. It will not warp with the weather and will not flake or peel with age.
  • Resistant: One other thing to consider is that uPVC by nature is rust- and corrosion- This means that it is long-lasting and represents a great cost-effective investment.

uPVC to the Rescue

Whether for large windows in a newly built conservatory room or for new kitchen windows that look out over the back garden, uPVC provides a number of excellent benefits.