Most residential homes have a chimney, whether you have a gas or oil-powered boiler, a wood-burning stove, or a fireplace. Over time, the chimney can become clogged with tar and other debris, creating a potential safety hazard. Use these suggestions to maintain your chimney and a healthy home.

Use Basic Precautions to Protect Your Chimney

The best way to protect your chimney is to take proper care of the fireplace or stove. The following steps may help reduce the buildup of debris in your chimney, including potentially harmful substances:

  • Do not use flammable liquids to start a fire
  • Always clear hazardous material from the hearth
  • Discard of the ashes after the fire goes out
  • Burn a chimney cleaning log

Along with these tips, you should consider installing a carbon monoxide alarm. The buildup of tar in the chimney can increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from a gas appliance. While regular cleaning can help to reduce this risk, a carbon monoxide alarm provides an extra precaution.

Hire Professional Chimney Sweep Services

If you detect debris inside your chimney or notice any signs of damage, you should not attempt to clean or repair the problem on your own. Always use the best chimney sweep services in Newton Abbot for professional cleaning or repair.

Experienced chimney sweeps can easily restore the condition of your chimney. For gas and oil appliances, you should have your chimney cleaned at least once per year. If you burn wood, you should have the chimney cleaned quarterly.