Taking down trees or removing branches to open up an area in a yard requires precision, skill, and the knowledge to be able to do the job without damaging the property. Instead of trying to do this work yourself, hiring a professional is the best way to make sure that your trees are pruned without the risk of killing the tree.

Pruning and Removal

While most people can use a chainsaw and either fell a tree completely or remove some of the branches, without the knowledge of how to do it correctly, you can cause damage to structures in the area when the tree falls or inadvertently kill the tree. Pruning removes dead or weak limbs and will make the tree stronger if done correctly. You’ll lower your risk of damage from storms and will improve the health of your trees when you have them pruned.


Keep your young trees from becoming weak and needing to be pruned by having them pollarded. This process removes shoots from the tree and keeps the tree from becoming unruly. Using a great tree surgeon company in Orpington is the best way to have this practice done on your trees. While it does have to be performed regularly through the life of the tree, it greatly reduces the risk of the tree decaying and causing damage.

Make sure to stay on top of your tree care. Hiring good tree surgeons will allow you to reduce the risk of damage to your home or personal property.