No property owner should allow mould to continue to cause health problems, appearance problems, and structural issues because there are proven, permanent methods for getting rid of this natural fungi. While mould plays a significant part in breaking down organic matter, it can cause serious problems, especially in the home.

Available Moisture

Mould generally grows on walls, floors, and other surfaces where moisture is available. For years, people have tried to treat this condition with chemicals or by using an electric dehumidifier. But those are temporary methods that don’t eliminate the problem and actually lead to recurring cost. Don’t despair! There is another, permanent solution.

Just visit the website of the best SkamoWall suppliers in Plymouth to learn more about this method. The finished project actually has six distinct parts:

  • Biocide
  • Adhesive
  • Board
  • Primer
  • Plaster
  • Painted surface

It’s already been used in hundreds of properties in the past 20 years and has proven to be extremely effective, using recycled microsilica combined with quicklime to regulate moisture and add to insulating properties. SkamoWall is fire-resistant and very effective at keeping the board surface dry while maintaining structural quality.

Insulating Properties

This unique method also helps increase surface temperatures, which makes it more difficult for moisture to build up on the wall surface. You also benefit from the reduction of heat loss because it provides an additional layer of insulation.

If you’ve experienced mould problems in your property, you’d be wise to consider using SkamoWall to permanently eliminate mould. It’s the smart choice.