In most cases, a soap solution is a basic solution. In a chemistry sense, a basic solution is one that has a pH balance over seven. The pH balance of substances is ranked on a scale of one to 14. A solution with a pH balance of one is an incredibly acidic substance. These substances are incredibly damaging to anything that they come into contact with. It’s very difficult to find a solution that actually has a pH balance of one. Similarly, a substance that has a pH balance of 14 is incredibly basic. It is also very irritating to any organic material that it comes into contact with. When an acid and a base interact, they create a salt. When you are looking for cleaning supplies for your kitchen, it is helpful to know these different chemistry concepts. You need to find a good basic solution that will deal with the different acids that you find in a kitchen.

Kitchen Acids

The kitchen has far more acids than it has bases. The basic solutions are mostly just soaps and detergents; also, there are a few basic substances that involve cornstarch or baking soda. There are couple of other substances that produce basic foods but acids are definitely more common. The most common acids come from fruits. Lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruits are characterised by their citric acid. While it is a fairly mild acid, it can do some serious damage to your kitchen components over time. Also, tomato sauce is a common acid and it can eat away at pieces of your kitchen over time if it’s not addressed quickly. One of the most common problems is an acid that is left on your stovetop and burned into the substance of the oven by the stovetop heat.

Finally, the last kind of acid that is common in a kitchen is acetic acid. Acetic acid is commonly known as vinegar. It is used as a cleaning agent itself but it is also difficult to clean. If you’re looking to clean up acids, you need to find quality online cleaning supplies that can clean acids. Typically, these are basic substances that will react with acids to create a salt.

Kitchen Grease

The other substance that is common in a kitchen is grease. Grease is generally a wide range of different substances that fall into the general category. They are typically oils and fats. Anything that can lubricate a pan is usually considered a grease. Vegetable oil and shortening are common cooking oils. Fat is usually rendered from pieces of meat and even some vegetables. They are incredibly difficult to clean up for the exact same reason that they’re so useful. Oil and fat are not compatible with water. That’s why they create slick surfaces that protect your food from sticking and help it cook; however, that also makes it very difficult to clean up with water. So, you’ll need quality cleaning supplies.

Fortunately, a basic substance is also typically used to clean up oil. A basic cleaning solution with oil-cutting abilities is absolutely essential in a kitchen.