Sometimes referred to by the name “staging,” scaffolding has a long and varied history. Most people are familiar with metal pipes connected in an intricate system to provide access to higher locations during construction, but not as many people are aware that wood and bamboo are commonly used in scaffolding in Southeast Asian projects.

This method of reaching upper floors during construction or repair has been used for centuries. Modern scaffolding is often a prefabricated system, with modules that make for quicker, more efficient setup. Bamboo scaffolding is often custom made and provides an amazingly sturdy work surface, even at high levels. There are indications that platforms secured to walls of a cave were used to paint art on the ceiling thousands of years ago.

Regulated Industry Today

Currently, there are stringent standards and guidelines for providing and using scaffolding, including specific performance requirements and design methods. Of course, the purpose of a working scaffold is to provide a safe platform for work, which must adhere to European Standard BS EN 12811-1, for example. The most important element in this field is stated quite simply. You don’t cut corners with scaffolding, because the safety of a workforce depends on the quality and security of the structure.

As you begin looking for scaffolding hire prices, you’d be wise to work only with experts in a company that brings extensive experience to the task. This expertise includes regular inspection and maintenance of inventory, both access platforms and towers. Naturally, you may be concerned about using a provider who only supplies reliable equipment, but there is more to the job. It’s also essential to provide outstanding customer service to become a leader in your chosen industry.

When it’s time to make arrangements for dependable scaffolding, contact a well-known specialist so they can deliver an effective solution. Don’t hesitate because you think your project would be too small or too large, because the top providers can help with a chimney renovation or on a large, commercial-construction project.


If you’re not sure what you need but know scaffolding would move your job forward more efficiently than other access methods, just give the professionals a call. You can request a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your unusual or difficult-to-approach project. Work with experts who can create bespoke scaffolding the deliver the results you want and need, no matter how unique the challenges and requirements.

As mentioned earlier, your installation must meet established standards for scaffolding, so when you hire from an experienced provider you can be sure you’ll be working safely. This assistance includes help with paperwork and documentation, including whatever local-authority permits that may be required. Having someone on your team helping with this process can mean securing permits sooner and with less stress.

When you talk with a representative about your scaffolding requirements, be sure to ask about a free site visit. This will be very helpful in determining how much you’ll need to invest to meet your specific needs. Work with reliable providers and you’ll now the precise cost before you decide if you want to hire scaffolding.