Do you want to record a home improvement video of some kind? Perhaps you’d like to create a how-to guide that shows how to perform certain home improvements, or maybe you’d just like a video that shows off all the improvements that you’ve made to your own home?

In either case it is important that when you record your home improvements you take steps to ensure their quality is top notch. That can be tricky, but there are a few tips that could help quite a bit:

  • Get physically close instead of using the zoom

In many cases when you record home improvement videos you’ll want to ‘zoom in’ on certain elements to show them more clearly. Rather than using the zoom in your camera however, you should try to get physically closer to the element itself. The reason for this is simple: Using digital zoom immediately causes a loss of quality, so it should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

  • Record from different angles

For how-to home improvement guides recording from different angles can help to show different perspectives of the same action – which may be handy. For other home improvement videos it can also be good, as it will allow you to choose from several options in terms of the quality of the footage, and show the home improvements in their best light.

  • Put the camera on the stand

One of the main ways to make sure your video quality is really good is to put the camera itself on a stand. That way you can be sure that it will be kept steady, and won’t shake or lose focus at any point. If your home improvement video requires the camera to be moving, you may want to try using a strap-on camera holder of some kind to achieve similar results.

Make no mistake there are lots of factors that can affect the quality of the home improvement videos that you record, including the camera itself, lighting, motion, and so on. In fact it is safe to say that your video isn’t likely to be ‘perfect’, which is why a bit of editing may be required regardless.

Although video editing is often assumed to be complicated and not beginner-friendly, Movavi Video Editor is quite different. It is a simple and easy-to-use editor that will let you edit your home improvement videos even if you have no prior experience. With its help you can trim out unwanted footage, compile the video, or enhance its quality. To find out how to add subtitles for example, head over to

If you like you could use the other features in Movavi Video Editor to insert animated transitions, apply special effects or filters, or transform the frame and orientation. Suffice to say you’ll have full control over how your home improvement video turns out, and will be able to ensure that their quality is top notch and they look really impressive by the time you’re done.