Whether you are building a car park or a shopping centre, you are going to be using a lot of builders. Most of their day is going to be spent on site, so they need all the facilities that are going to make things comfortable.

You should think about having blocks of toilets installed at several points around the site.

  1. The Toilets Allow People To Be Hygienic
  1. The Toilets Allow People To Get Clean After Dirty Work
  • You can buy some toilets which have a shower block attached to them. Construction can be dirty work, so people will be able to use the shower blocks in order to get clean at the end of the shift.
  • When people are able to clean their hands in the toilet sink, they will not transfer mud and dust onto the controls of any equipment or construction vehicles that they are using.
  1. The Toilets Allow People To Get Clean Before Work
  • People can wash their hands and faces in the toilet sinks before they start work. They will be able to do this whenever they go on a break.
  1. The Builders Will Not Have To Go Off-Site In Order To Go To The Toilet
  • The builders will not have to go off-site in order to go to the toilet. This is going to ensure that time is not wasted and that building projects can be completed in a short space of time. Position the toilets so that builders only have to walk a short distance in order to do their ablutions.
  • They will be grateful that they will not have to walk or drive to get to a toilet. This can contribute to the overall positive morale of the workforce.
  1. The Toilets Can Be Emptied Regularly
  • A long-term building project means that people are going to the toilet on a regular basis. You do not want the waste from the toilets to be on-site for long. Instead, the portable toilet company will make sure that the toilets are cleaned on a regular basis and that the waste is properly disposed of.
  1. The Toilets Can Be Taken Off-Site At The End
  • You do not need to transport the toilets off-site after the project has been completed. The hire company will transport all of the toilets quickly and efficiently.

Article Conclusion

  • On-site toilets will be convenient.
  • On-site toilets will promote good hygiene.
  • On-site toilets will be good for the morale of the workforce.
  • On-site toilets can be emptied on a regular basis.

On-site toilets with a shower attached allow workmen to clean themselv