Hiring a skip bin is a great way to get rid of large amounts of garbage if you’re renovating a house, cleaning out a house, or landscaping your yard. They are available in many sizes so you can choose one for whatever type of project you’re doing. However, there are some regulations governing the placement and the types of garbage that can be tossed into the skip.

What Can Skips Contain?

Before hiring a skip, you should determine what type of materials will be put into it. You will need to inform the skip company what you intend to throw away and, if the wrong type of materials are put into it, you could be charged extra fees or the skip may not be collected, depending on the company’s rules. No matter what type of skip you hire, you cannot put materials containing asbestos into it.

Each company sets its own rules for what it allows in its skip bins. While some companies have different types of skips for different types of materials, skip bins in Canning Vale may allow different types of garbage to be put into the same skip. For instance, if you are renovating your house, then wood, tiles, and plastics may be allowed in the same skip by some companies.

Hazardous Materials

Skip hire companies usually do not allow any type of hazardous materials to be placed in their skips. Since they are responsible to the landfill for the garbage that they dump into it and the landfill is responsible to the Department of Environment, you can be fined for including hazardous materials in the skip. Hazardous materials include:

  • Asbestos
  • Vehicle tyres
  • Paint and paint cans
  • Motor vehicle oils
  • Pesticides
  • Chemicals

If you have materials containing asbestos that need to be disposed of, contact the skip hire company so special arrangements can be made. Asbestos disposal requires certain procedures to be done but it can be disposed of by prior arrangement.

Placement of Skips

Some areas require permits if the skip is being placed on a street or on a nature strip. In the Perth area, permits are required and the customer is responsible for getting them. They are available from the city council so you should contact them for more information about getting a skip permit.

Loading Skips

Larger skips will have ramps so that you can haul items in a wheelbarrow or on a hand truck into the skip. While smaller skips may not have ramps, you can contact the company that you’re getting the skip from about adding one for convenience.

When loading a skip, break down what you can so that you can place the lid on the skip to keep garbage from being strewn about when the skip is picked up. However, you can secure items such as furniture on top so that the skip can be picked up and taken away.

Load heavier items in the skip first and then lighter ones on top to make it easier for you to put them in the skip.