If you are a property owner who believes that trees exist to make your outdoor area look great, you are right, up to that point. But, healthy trees contribute so much more to the world than visual beauty, though they do that very well. In fact, there are great reasons to have multiple trees, and trees deliver benefits to human beings, pets, wildlife, and to the Earth itself.

Consider This

When you have healthy, thriving trees on your property, you may not realise it, but they contribute in a positive way to the health of human beings. Trees can remove tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and they may also remove hundreds of pounds of other airborne pollutants.

This is extremely important because humans cannot survive without exhaling CO2 as part of the breathing process. To keep your trees healthy, work with providers of the best tree surgery in Farnborough.

Those Benefits

The list of benefits goes something like this:

  • Healthy for humans – remove CO2
  • Remove other pollutants, including ozone and minute particles
  • Shading and pollutant removal provided by trees can reduce temperature by as much as 8 degrees
  • Trees take up a lot of water, which is important after storms
  • Trees provide shelter for dozens of animals

Now that you know some of the other benefits people and animals get from trees, you might want to consider adding a few to your property. If you have problem trees (unhealthy, damaged) be sure you talk to a tree-surgery specialist who can help you maintain this essential vegetation.