The simple fact of the matter is, a bathroom isn’t really complete without a mirror. A bathroom mirror fulfills an essential purpose when you are grooming yourself for the day ahead. Without a mirror in your bathroom, it can be easy to miss that extra strand of hair sticking out from the back of your head, that mascara gloop at the corner of your eye, or those unsightly, unshaven hairs on your neck.

But a mirror in your bathroom satisfies more than just your need to look presentable and ready for the day – it can also add decorative appeal to your bathroom, making it look bigger and even more luxurious and elegant as well.

This is precisely where illuminated mirrors come in. An illuminated mirror is a worthy choice when compared with a standard mirror for several reasons, so let’s find out the many benefits of illuminated mirrors for your bathroom:

The Extra Lighting

Bathrooms are usually equipped with strong lighting, but sometimes, the light fixtures in your bathroom are not enough, especially if you are in the act of grooming yourself. You want some extra lighting to illuminate any shadows in the corners and highlight what needs to be highlighted. The good news is that many illuminated mirrors available today make use of LED, or light emitting diode lights, for a clearer and crisper image. LED lights are also advantageous for another reason: they are highly energy efficient as they produce more lumens than heat, so they consume less electricity as well. This type of light helps you do all your bathroom activities with ease and convenience, without worrying about whether you missed something or not.

A variety of Sizes and Shapes

Another benefit brought about by illuminated mirrors is that they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Unlike standard bathroom mirrors, illuminated mirrors are usually slimmer and sleeker, which make them ideal for more compact spaces. Illuminated mirrors are less bulky and easier to install than traditional mirrors, and since they come in different shapes and sizes, it is easy to choose one which fits in with your own bathroom.

Additional Practical Features – Anti-mist, Power Sensors, Back Lighting, Extra Storage Space

What makes the illuminated mirrors available today even more outstanding is that they come with various practical features. Not only do you have a mirror equipped with ample lighting – you can also take advantage of a mirror with anti-fog or –mist capabilities. We all know how annoying it is when mirrors fog up – but with an illuminated mirror, fog becomes a thing of the past. There are illuminated mirrors which have anti-mist properties that are built with a special filling that eliminates mist quickly. This keeps the mirror clear every time, so you no longer have to contend with wiping your hand across the mirror in order to get some grooming done.

Other practical features you can find will illuminated mirrors include back lighting, which enhances your bathroom’s look and appeal, as well as power sensors that allow you to turn on the lights simply by swiping your hand near the mirror’s sensor. Some illuminated mirrors can also be designed to serve as extra storage space with attached shelves or cabinets at the back.

Illuminated mirror specialists like know all too well that mirrors like these need to be built properly, with the customers’ highest satisfaction in mind. So when choosing an illuminated mirror for your bathroom, make sure you deal only with reputable, reliable, and expert manufacturers and installers.