Whether you run a business and need to liven up a green area or you want some trees for your garden at home, fruiting trees are a great investment. If this sounds appealing, then you should definitely look for nurseries that have good-quality apple trees for sale.

Why Choose a Reputable Nursery?

Not all nurseries are created equally and if you really want to cultivate the very best apple trees for your garden, you really should be looking at buying from an experienced nursery. Lots of popular gardening franchises tend to buy bulk lots for their tree stock. The problem is that these are often of poor quality and from questionable sources.

When you buy from a nursery that has been around for a long time, you also invest in quality. You support apple trees in the UK and you get to choose from trees that have been cultivated carefully and by expert hands.

Chris Bowers & Sons is a leading company providing good-quality apple trees for sale in the UK. The company has been raising and delivering fruiting trees and apple trees in the UK for 30 years.

Why Should You Plant an Apple Tree?

There are definitely a number of reasons why you should seriously think about planting some apple trees and fruit trees in general. Here are some that might just surprise you:

  1. Get Yummy Fruit Each Year

Once your apple trees mature, you can start to pick the apples each year. Imagine being able to bake apple pie or apple crumble using your very own apples from the back garden. And best of all, you’ll know where they came from and that they are pesticide-free.

  1. Encourage Birds and Bees

Sadly, climate change and the use of pesticides has had a big impact on our native bee populations. They are in decline worldwide and it is a growing issue. Apple blossoms are big and beautiful. Bees also love them and you’ll encourage both bees and birds to be active in your garden.

  1. Do Your Bit for the Environment

When you plant trees, you also help to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It may be a small contribution but every tree helps to make our environment cleaner and our world better for everyone.


Apple trees are a great investment when you buy from an experienced nursery such as Chris Bowers & Sons. They look great, help the environment, and make any green area a relaxing place to be.