Of all the many components that make up a house, the roof is the most essential, as it provides that critical protection from the elements. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be made from a range of materials, and contrary to popular belief, roofs do not take care of themselves, and with regular roof inspections, one can ensure that any minor repairs are carried out promptly, before any damage is caused.

Traditional Roofs

If your home is more than 20 years old, the roof would likely be a combination of internal timber joists and rafters, which are bolted together to create a strong framework on which to fix the roof tiles. Once the tiles are in place, and flashings and facia are attached, the roof should be waterproof and strong enough to withstand anything that Mother Nature can conjure up, although in Western Australia, storms can be really fierce. Storm damage is the main cause of roof repairs in Perth, and by taking a close look after heavy rain or bad weather, you will see if there are any tiles dislodged and can quickly replace them.

Protective Coatings

Technology has enabled us to produce protective coatings for roofs, which add a sealant to the finished roof, and this added layer of protection will add many years to the life of your roof. This type of coating would come with a long warranty, and providing the roof is in good condition at the time of the coating application, the entire exterior surface will have an extra layer of protection against the elements.

Clean the Guttering & Downpipes

These two critical components provide an escape route for rain water, and it is essential that the guttering be kept free of obstacles. Soggy leaves and small twigs will very quickly know together and form the start of a barrier, and should the heavens decide to open, you will have hundreds of litres of water cascading down the exterior walls. Water, as we all know, causes timber to rot and also affects plaster, causing damp patches that are a perfect place for mold to gather. It is vital that the guttering be cleaned on a regular basis, and the downpipes must also be free flowing, as any blockage there will soon result in an overflow. It is a good idea to go outside in heavy rain and actually see the system in action, and if there is a water build up, this is because the water cannot flow freely enough, and this alone can be the outset of roof issues.

Roof Tiles

You should be able to see every square inch of your roof from several vantage points, and any broken or missing roof tiles would be easy to spot. If it isn’t possible to see the entire roof surface, or you simply don’t have the time, your local roofing contractor would be only too happy to inspect the roof, and he can also give you his professional opinion, which could lead to some improvements. The roofing contractor would have a wide range of roof tiles, and would likely be able to find a perfect match, which, of course, is essential.

Whatever else you might want to dismiss, the roof is one part of the home that requires regular inspection, and should there need to be any repairs, the sooner they are carried out, the better.