If you plan to move house, it pays — literally — to inventory your belongings and furnishings. In fact, you should start auditing the items as soon as you know that you will be relocating. Never wait until the last minute lest you feel anxious and rushed.

To begin the process, you need to determine if the removal company is going to pack your items. If not, begin by packing the items that you do not use regularly, inventorying them as you place them in boxes. Wait to inventory items that are used frequently. If you plan to have professional movers pack your belongings, inventory each room before the removal date.

Labelling the Boxes

Besides inventorying your items, you also want to label the boxes for your removal. The best way to organise your belongings is either by item or room. If you label boxes by item, you need to make sure that all the similar items are packed in one box.

Place Heavier Items in Smaller Containers

For instance, if you have books to move, make sure that all the books will be packed together. Also, heavy items should not be packed in large boxes. They should be packed in smaller containers so they are easier to carry.

If you label boxes by room for a removals company in Collier Row, the boxes of kitchen items should be listed with an emphasis on the word “kitchen”. That way, movers can easily place the boxes in the appropriate spaces in your new home.

Creating an Itemised Listing

After all your belongings have been boxed and labelled, you need to itemise them and record a detailed list. For instance, you may have electronics that you wish to move. Under this listing, you may want to include a laptop, printer, tablet, and video game console. Under each of these headings, you might add certain accessories. For example, under the laptop listing, you may want to include one ethernet cable, two speakers, and a power cord.

If you think that you may need an item from a box before your move, tape your itemisation to the outside of the box versus placing it inside the container. After all, it defeats the purpose of listing the items if you only make a mess of things at a future date.

Use an App

You can either record your inventory manually or rely on an app from your mobile phone. For example, an app can be used to catalogue items whilst packing and to track their value. You can also upload pictures for insurance purposes. Apps also permit you to create labels or barcodes that can be printed and attached.

However you choose to inventory your belongings, you will find that packing your items in this manner can alleviate a lot of stress and strain, especially on moving day.