Many people are fans of stepover apple trees thanks to some of their particularities versus the classic apple trees, and there are some of the things that you should be careful at when buying and growing a stepover apple tree.

When you buy the stepover apple tree, first you must decide on the stepover type, but keep in mind that it’s usually better to buy a tree that is at most a year old and with few or now branches at all. The name of this type of stepover apple tree is maiden whip, and has the advantage of being apple to bend over easily thanks to being that supple. This type of stepover apple tree is best grafted onto an M27 rootstock, as it’s less vigorous when compared with other rootstocks and will fit better with a maiden whip. You can buy stepover apple trees in containers, or you can grow these trees right from the beginning.

What does grow from the beginning mean?

It might sound complicated as opposed to just buying a normal apple tree and planting it, but it really isn’t. One thing that you should be doing is not hesitating to ask the supplier that you deliver you your stepover apple tree to ask for more details. Usually, they are experts in growing all sorts of fruit trees, because, well, it’s their job by working at a nursery. Another thing is to make sure that you are pruning the tree in the summer to maximize the growth potential and space the trees five to six feet apart. There are a few more things that you should be doing, but it’s best to ask the nursery where you’ll buy your stepover trees from, because it also depends on the particularities of the stepover apple tree you are buying.

Maintaining stepover apple trees is called training

The process of growing stepover apple trees is called training, and it is actually quite simple as all it takes is you taking regular care of the trees by following some simple, repetitive tasks. Usually all it takes is a few minutes everyday to supervise their growth and make sure that the branches are following the path that you want. One of the best places to get expert advice on growing stepover trees and actually buying stepover apple trees is CRJ Fruit Trees, and the respective website. Having been in the industry for many years, this is a nursery that has helped many, many Brits to grow their very own stepover apple trees.