We often think of the domestic electrician as someone who installs wiring in a new property, or repairs a blown fuse box, yet the average domestic electrician can do a lot more than wiring and repairs. Here is a list of some of the improvements that your local electrician can comfortably handle in your home.

  1. Installing Smoke Detectors and a Fire Alarm System – Fortunately, the local electricians in Weymouth are more than capable of the supply & installation of smoke detectors and state of the art fire alarms. In fact, this makes up a portion of their regular house calls, as more and more homeowners wish to be provided with a reliable early warning in the event of a fire.
  2. The Supply & Installation of an Instant Hot Water Digital Shower – If you have yet to experience a digital shower, once you do, you will definitely not want to return to a traditional shower unit. The latest generation of digital showers can be programmed to remember your favourite settings, and with instant hot water that remains at the desired temperature, you can shower in comfort.

Electrical Ventilation – If you would like a few extractor fans fitted in your home, your local electrician can certainly handle that, plus a lot more. Whether you want an extractor in the kitchen or a couple in the new loft conversion, call your local electrician who can supply and install the units.

As you can see, your local domestic electrician is a man of many talents, and he can also fit interior and exterior LED lighting to order.