If you notice drafty areas in your home or that cold spots in your house are making you shiver, you are not getting the heating output from your boiler that you need. This type of discomfort needs to be addressed immediately, especially if your boiler is at least 15 years old. You should not wait for a complete breakdown to happen to replace the unit. Instead, you should have it checked and review your service or installation options now.

When it Is Time to Replace Your Boiler

When it comes to boilers – servicing, replacements, and repairs in HD6 should be scheduled if you notice the following issues:

  • The boiler is not emitting enough heat.
  • The boiler is making unusual sounds, such as hissing, knocking, or popping. Usually, if the water distribution is not balanced, a boiler will make these sounds.
  • The boiler needs too many upgrades or repairs.

Is Your Boiler Leaking?

Also note any water leaking from the boiler as it can lead to an even more serious problem, such as a carbon monoxide leak. When it comes to boiler repairs or installation, it is better to be safe than sorry. Whilst a leak may seem like a small issue, it still can lead to a far greater repair in the future.

Therefore, if your boiler is older, take steps now to have it replaced. The sooner you take this measure, the easier it will be for you to stay on top of any heating or plumbing issue that comes up. When setting up a time for an inspection, make sure the company you choose uses only Gas Safe™ engineers.