Buying a rug and integrating it with your interiors can be a challenging task. Most decorators recommend buying a rug first and then styling your interiors around it. However, what happens when you already have your interiors designed and you buy a rug later. Here’s what you can do with different kinds of rugs:

Persian & Oriental Rugs

Persian and oriental rugs are perhaps the most coveted of all rugs in the world. Their fine quality and traditional elegance is something almost everybody desires. However, if you have a contemporary home, blending in an oriental or Persian rug can be really difficult. Ideally, you should always start your décor with this kind of rugs, but if you can’t, then buy your rug carefully. First familiarize yourself with the type of Persian rugs available and then buy one which would go well with the color scheme you have already created in the room. This makes it easier to blend in. If you have a modern feel to your house, prefer designs with straight lines, clean edges and geometric designs. These would also go well in rooms with a more country orientation. Choose rugs with curvilinear lines if you have a formal setting. Keep the rug in the center of the room but do not cover it up with a table or your couch.

Contemporary Rugs

If you are thinking of getting designer area rugs for your home, choose wisely so that your rug can blend in with the existing décor and furnishings. It is best to select a design or a motif from your existing décor and then get a contemporary rug that blends well with it. This will give you a very fashionable styling and give a unique value to your styling.

Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy rugs first came in vogue in the 60s, but they are still a great way to add comfort, warmth as well as style to your décor. Shag rugs have a characteristic plush appearance and are available in very bright colors. So the best way to integrate them to your existing décor is by choosing a rug color that contrasts your existing color scheme. You can add accessories like a stylish shag throw or bright cushions to blend in the shag rug. If you have natural fabrics in your décor, you can use woolen shags or if you prefer synthetic, you can get a variety of synthetic shag rugs too.

Braided Rugs

Braided rugs are best suited in a country home design, so if you are choosing to buy one, you will have no choice but to redo your décor a little. The best way to integrate your braided rug is to add a little country to your home. Bright, warm colors, country lace and valences on your windows and accents with shells and corals can make your rug blend in perfectly.

Cowhides Rugs

Cowhide rugs can make for very elegant and stylish accents to your interiors. When you are using these rugs in your interiors, create a light and brightly lit space. Make it the second focal point of your room by integrating it with quirky wallpapers or using a unique accent piece like a beautiful center table. They blend best in monochromatic color schemes.

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