A glazier is a person who works with glass. Therefore, glazing is anything related to working with glass. When someone mentions double or triple glazing, they are usually referring to windows. When a window has two panes of glass, it is considered to be a double-glazed window. Such windows have grown in popularity since they offer a level of insulation from noise and heat exchange. They also help in case there’s a storm. Some research has found that double-glazed windows can cut your heating and cooling costs by as much as 40%.

However, many have found that double-glazed windows still allow far too much heat to pass through. If you sit next to a double-glazed window during the winter, it will likely still be cooler than the rest of the room. That is why many people have moved to triple glazing.

Three Panes of Glass

Triple glazing in Pinner refers to windows that are made with three panes of glass. Each pane of glass helps to insulate against heat exchange as well as noise. Some research has found that customers who switch to three panes of glass in their windows save £766 annually. That’s a marked reduction in heating and cooling costs. Three panes of glass work very well to keep heat and noise out, but only if they’re well-maintained.

Windows only work as insulation if they are not allowing air to pass through. If your three panes of glass do not fit into the window frame properly, they won’t form the seal you need. The seal is how you insulate your home.

Choosing the Right Contractor

Fitting windows into frames is not easy, which is why it’s so important to hire a competent contractor who has worked with triple-glazed windows before. There are many who will be able to install windows, but you need to make sure you hire an expert.

As stated earlier, you have to have a solid seal on the windows to make sure that they are not allowing heat and noise to pass through due to a draft. Even if the windows do not come faulty, they can get that way through negligence. Some materials, such as unfinished wood, tend to swell and contract due to weather conditions. If you have windows like that, they will eventually swell and contract until the glass panes no longer fit flush into the frames. That’s how you get windows that rattle.

Those rattling windows will allow heat to pass in and out of your house, ruining your heating and cooling cost savings. You need to make sure your windows are installed by a professional. These experts will not only do the job correctly, but will also use the very best materials. Wood that is finished properly, uPVC, and other materials don’t react readily to changing weather conditions. They’ll be much more resistant to warping or morphing.

You need to make sure you are using the best materials and the best contractors for your triple-glazed windows. You could save almost £800 a year if you get this right.