Whether you are moving house or expanding your business, there are times when we are in need of removal services, and your choice of contractor could be the difference between a smooth operation and a nightmare experience. It’s really all about the level of service, and providing the contractor has adequate resources and the right attitude, there’s no reason why the relocation should encounter any issues. If you are soon to be on the move and are looking for a good removalist, here are a few important things to look for.

  • Friendly Staff – In some ways, the removal company has a connection with their customers, as they are handling all of their personal possessions, and from the very outset, you should encounter friendly and helpful staff. In an industry that is service oriented, you really want a team of professionals with a “can do” attitude, and this should be apparent from the very first enquiry. Most Australian homeowners who are looking to relocate will use an online search to source a removal contractor, and with a friendly Sydney removalist in the eastern suburbs, nothing is too much trouble when it comes to packing delicate items and ensuring everything goes smoothly.
  • Professional Approach – Relocating your prize possessions is not something to be left to amateurs, and by choosing a contractor that has been in the industry for at least 5 years, you can be sure they know what they are doing. Testimonials are a good indication of excellent service, so if you are searching online, look for a contractor that has many testimonials on their website, which gives the potential customer added assurance that all will be well.
  • Comprehensive Service – The best way to relocate without stress is to have the removal company handle the packing, as they have tapeless boxes and a clear labelling system, which ensures there is no confusion when it comes to unpacking. In an ideal world, all you need to do is decide what goes and what does not, and if you manage to source a good removalist, they will take the strain, while you sit back and ponder on the next exciting chapter of your life.
  • Adequate Resources – If you make a booking with a small business and they happen to experience a vehicle breakdown, without a substitute vehicle, the move would likely have to be postponed, and in order to eliminate the risk of such a thing, source an established company that has several depots and a fleet of suitable vehicles.
  • Affordability – While you want the very best of service, the quote should be reasonable, and the only way to ensure this, is to ask several companies for a quote, but remember, that price is only one aspect, and it is better to pay a little more and have first class service. The removals industry is very competitive and once you reach an agreement with a removalist, make absolutely sure that their quote does not include any hidden extras.

If you manage to find a company that ticks all of the above, it is very likely that the relocation will be a smooth transition, and you and your family can look forward to many happy years in your new dwelling.