If your washing machine is making a lot of noise or not washing things very effectively, you could have any number of problems. You should run through a few troubleshooting measures before you call a professional to repair it. The troubleshooting will depend on the problem, but the most common problem is one of the washing machine bouncing around or making loud noises. If that happens, you should first attempt to redistribute the load. Sometimes an uneven load of laundry can cause problems. If that doesn’t change it, you need to look for some other sources of problems.

Problem Sources

If you can’t quickly find the source of the problem, you need to call an expert in domestic appliance repairs in Essex.

  • A washing machine can sometimes get clogged. You should make sure the hose running out of the washing machine is not bent or kinked.
  • A washing machine can sometimes overload a circuit; try to move the washing machine plug to a different circuit or unplug everything near the washing machine.
  • A washing machine sometimes just needs to be cleaned. You can often clean a washing machine with vinegar and baking soda.

Call a Professional

If none of these solutions fix the problem, you need to call a professional. If you work full-time or odd hours, you need a professional who works after 5pm and on the weekends. You can’t always anticipate when you will have appliance problems, and it can be difficult to work your schedule around your contractors. Weekend contractors can make that much easier.