Fashions come and go all the time and kitchen fashions are no different. Not so long ago the trend was for a matt finish, but that has been swept away in the recent rush towards gloss. Shiny, reflective surfaces that add dimension and throw light around a room are ideally suited to kitchens thanks to their smooth, easily cleaned surfaces. A hygienic welcoming look in the kitchen makes food seem even more appetising and provides a light and inspirational place to work whether you’re heating up a quick pizza or preparing a gourmet dinner from scratch.

In modern kitchens colour plays as important a part as it does in any other room of the house. Since the modern lifestyle sees us spending more time in the kitchen and modern building methods are more often incorporating open plan living spaces, colour is more important than ever.

Kitchen designers have kept up with the trend and now offer a delicious array of gloss cabinet door colours. The gloss finish is as important as the colour when it comes to a modern look, but thanks to the advent of new manufacturing processes and the move away from strictly natural colours, kitchen colours have come of age.

Shades of White

Always popular and one of the most practical colours for the kitchen, white is still dominant in fashionable kitchens. Now though, you get to pick your shade of white. These range from pristine blue-whites that reflect a cool calmness into the room to warm pinkish whites that radiate soft, cosy tones. Given that tinted white shades of paint for walls are still popular, choosing from the palette of whites in glossy cabinet doors gives you the perfect marriage between cupboards and walls.

Rich and Bold

Whether you’re looking for a splash of bright colour to lighten up a dark corner or an overall theme that will warm up a large, cool kitchen, vibrant reds are always bang on trend. They fit a range of kitchen styles including modern, minimalistic or classically retro. If you’re into the retro scene and many of us are these days in one way or another, you’ll easily match up gorgeous shiny cabinets with the retro styling of many major kitchen appliances.

Dark colours don’t end with red. Look out for funky aubergine shades, another colour that’s repeated across the high street in kitchen accessories, or deepest midnight black ultra high gloss kitchens that reflect all the mystery and sophistication of the night.

Natural Effects

If solid colours seem a little too staid, why not opt for glossy wood effect finishes or glossy stone finishes. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match. Gone are the days when kitchen colours had to be uniform throughout. Having contrasting wall and floor cabinets is right on trend at the moment.

Glossy kitchens are here to stay for some time, so now is the time to be thinking about installing one if you’re looking for upgrade or refit options. Follow your personality and the mood and tone of the rest of your house and you’ll find the gloss finish does the rest.

Idania is a practiced interior design writer with a particular passion for ultra high gloss kitchens. She writes for several quality websites and blogs online.