All the planning leading up to a home remodel gives homeowners and builders a good sense of what to expect during renovations. Even still, homeowners may feel overwhelmed during the process. Whether there’s unexpected costs or unforeseen circumstances that cause delays, it can difficult to stay positive during renovations. One way to ease the stress is to prepare yourself for everyday life during this process. Below, we’ve gathered information on three events to expect during a home remodel.

Dust and Dirt

Even the best builders in Harrogate are going to create a mess. It’s inevitable. Dust, dirt, and debris all get everywhere. Be prepared for the mess so it doesn’t catch you off guard. Do your best to block off the portion of the house being remodelled and keep items such as clothes and blankets in plastic containers to keep them clean and fresh. Other items to keep stored away include:

  • Dishes
  • Food
  • Pet supplies


Saws, belt sanders, nail guns, and the endless whistle of air compressors will be constant from the start of the project until the end. If you are curious about home remodel noises, visit a construction site in progress. The best way to prepare to handle the noise is to see exactly how it will affect you.


Builders and clients can plan every detail of a remodel and still run into delays. Parts take longer than expected, illness requires a few days off, or an ice storm can slow down progress. By starting the process knowing that there will probably be a few unexpected delays, clients won’t stress as much as they would if they had tight deadlines to meet.

A home remodel is an exciting experience. Homeowners have probably planned, saved, and anticipated the change for months or even years. At the end of the process, a brand-new look will be unveiled and everything that happened during the process will have been worth it.